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September 16, 2008


Scott Walters

Adam -- Can you provide any references for points #1 and #2? It would help me, because I had heard the opposite. Perhaps this was the market slide plus 9/11 effect that hammered the arts so badly.


Giving USA Foundation puts out a book of statistics on U.S. philanthropy every year - and historically, they support Adam's #1 and #2 assertions. They're a great source for information on charitable giving - http://www.givingusa.org/gusa/mission.cfm


As for #1, I'll bet that most donors to larger org's (a minority of all orgs) may be wealthy, and I don't have a problem with that, but most folks who give to smaller org's (the majority) are not wealthy. Donors to smaller org's are probably less tangled in commodities, swaps, or currency investments currently under seige, so they're even less effected than the wealthy.

As for #2, I'll leave corp' funding to the invisible hand; but my understanding of Foundations (and feel free to correct me) is that their giving is based on a 3-yr aggregate, just so that no one bad year (like this one) has a big effect.

I think that it's just within the last yr or 2 that most foundations had 3 positive years (since the last market downturn) to base their giving. So, while this year will not increase n-f-p funding, it's really more just keeping us at recent giving levels.

Now, if the next 2 years suck, too, then we'll need to rethink this, but given the magic of the invisible hand, I doubt it. Old things die and new things grow even in the free market - just keep the damn govt out of it.


A republican? Ouch! I'm gonna cry now, assuming that's an insult. But 1) you flatter yourself to think a republican would be reading your blog; and b) if the govt doesn't help poor people in their time of need then I don't think they should be helping rich people in theirs (whatever that makes me so be it).

In the future I'll try to restrain myself from attempting to help you answer any of the Prof's digs. I only wish you knew me better to know what an asinine thing that was to put on your blog homepage.



It was a joke. That's what the smiley face meant. Chill.


sorry, i missed the turn of the phrase that would create irony resulting in humor; and you being in the communication biz and all i thought you might be more clear; or maybe it being on the front page rather than the comments kinda spooked me. my apologies, but it's just such a horrible word. :) back at ya.

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